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lørdag den 27. november 2010

drinks out - she in!

so the drinks crap went to the zink. Pretty stupd since i think it became quiet cool. So what ever. Apparently I mistook their logo.

so girlin' yall
there she went.

lørdag den 13. november 2010

sUPPORT pollution!

It's nice to know that my children "to-be" and especially my children's children won't ever experence the world as it is now. The coughing, the constant itching in their eyes, the blood coming from their lungs and layer of sode on their skin will keep them from ever reaching the same lvl of happyness and content as we do now. They will think back and listen to the stories told to them about how we lived our lives, and they'll thank us and our leaders for making their world the way it is.

You should:
  1. Take everything for granted
  2. Use more resources than you already do
  3. Believe that everything is wonderful
  4. Consume more
  5. Eat more food
  6. Dont think about consequences
  7. Ever
If your succeed to do so rest assured that you as well as your generation will "end on a high note".

  • What you do now, and what everyone does, is the right thing to do!

Your children and grandchildren will be forever grateful?

tirsdag den 2. november 2010

Happy Mouth at the busstop

Still waiting for the reply. They are awful silent i think. SO I've made this. I found gradiants in photoshop, they are awesome for me to use. I can make stuff darker in the edges and effects like that. Check what i've done to this one.
It came from this:
What it is is "happy mouth". It is created from an ecologecal desaster coursed by stray gods trying to fiddle with the many man-made structures they find on the face of Earth. This is really bad stuff while the animals finally have found their way and have established a balanced system for them to live in without being too affected by the old machines, contraptions, structures, buildings, establishements.
"hAPPY mouth" is the one to bring back humanity from the void of oblivion. The darks grasps of insignificance can be traversed with the help from such a devine creature.
Good luck.

søndag den 24. oktober 2010

looking thru Past Posts

its pretty interesting. Especially referring to tHIS POSt where me and A (My late blog landlord) had a discussion about ******* through editing a single post. He did't mark what he said with bold letters like before, so i've been in there doing that for clearity. I can't get my self to delete it. I think it has some sort of roughness to it which fits extrordinarely this blog.
Damn that stupid animal

Anomonity turned out to be a meme

So i'm taking over now. As I wrote before I've used my former Blog Landlords, Andreas NG's blogger profile for posting. Once through him, and lately I jsut snatted his password so I could handle it myself, since we got into an argument over stuff. He still has the blog on his profil, but i got in, made me co-writer and got out. So now I can post without going through his stupi profile.
also I've send a mail to him, explaining , and to ask him to leave this blog alone and as is.
Fingers crossed. Holyfblog hangs in a threat though, but I'm not gonna start a new blog and see all my creations just vanish into the void.
//Emanuel Janson

on Hold

While wating for the Big Apple Poster Agent to get back to me, I can remeness about how my former 'Blog Landlord' Andreas havent noticed how I continue to use his blogger profile for this. I know he doesnt use the blogger startpage as a way in to his other blogs, he just logs on with gmail and then changes stuff on the actual blog. So I see how he can forget, knowing that he is very busy with work all the time.
I'm truly puzzled and tired of this back and forth.

lørdag den 23. oktober 2010

First Commission

I've been scouting for gigs for two months. I have a pretty neat portfolio to show possible clients. I've had no luck at all. But I got in contact with a guy at a party some weeks ago, and because of his farthers great relationship to my farther he trusted me enough to put me in contact with an agent of some sorts who had a possible thing for me to do, and apparently well paid. VERY WELL PAID. I mean 25.000 USD for a poster which supposedly had a spot not on Times Square but close. This seemed too good to be true - even though I had no idea what it was at that moment.
Anyway - I had a meating over skype with the agent who told me about the the gig. I realized that my friend at the party must have pulled some strings, and I'm puzzled how anyone could pull such a thing out of the pants.
The agent assured me that I would get paid, but they had to collect from other artists as well, so 1.500 USD for the preliminary work, and 23.500 USD if my poster commercial was selected.
This is what I ended up printing out of my pixma, enveloping and shipping it off to the agent. They'll get back to me when they've decided.

As you can see its for the soda company coca cola. They make great drinks, and I like their wavy logo, so I thought it put that in as well. The slogan is about the drink and the company being awesome. Also the hand showing the sign of the devil caters directly to the youth. They'd love stuff like thiS!

- I've acuired a great portfolio which will no doubt impress possible clients. Then I'll draw the commissions in my style and I will make the clients understand how cool this style is. Jsut imagine this hanging somewhere really cool, where you normally see extremely pew pew pretty stuff.

you are now number SOMETHING

Many visitors has asked me if I could tell them how many there has been to the site. Not many according to the counter. So I decided to make it public. Press the "no secrets!" link under the page head. HAHAHAHAHAHA

torsdag den 14. oktober 2010

Your Mother

Welcome to the universe of your mother. Here you will never perish. Now go buy stuff online! Buy awesome stuff - stuff which makes you happy and stuff which gives you great pleasure. Like me, I know you feel like you have become worthless. And the fact is; you are. Why? Well I think you already know why. You are ultimately 1/ of a relentlessly insignificant group of organisms, hopelessly planted on a severly temporary spherical astronomical object. If one think one is significant, just keep in mind; NOT!
If you buy stuff, you'll help others become less insignificant, and yourself less significant.
Go here to buy: or (live better? - why yes) or here

The Pineapple Warrior

The pineapple warrior rides his super gun in the air. He's doing cool drops from critically acclaimed ledges like off the "iron" in NY. Hunting down possible targets vigoriously, eliminating them and then afterwards checking if the kill was ligitimate. He has no regrets what so ever - even though men, woman, children, animals, pets, popes, doctors, police officers, pets, firefighters, district attornies, lawyers, hencemen, cowboys, prostitutes, superstars, fruit, machines, technicians, directors, producers, public figures, presidents, religious idols, artists, pediatricians, vets, medics, soldiers, patriots, other pineapple warriors, waldo, nameless people, shameless people, awesome people, john dos, characters, religions, philosophies, philosophers, photographers, pickles, chips, more actors, car designers, polluters, gamedesigners, gods, demi-gods, dieties, democracies, idiots, generations, buildings, corporations, organs, textiles, moons, planets, cars, computers, roads, electronics, mainframes, windmills, glass manufacturers, art, modern art, gangsters, gangbangers, pathetic extremists, moderate extremists, constructive extremists, assholes, treehuggers, factories and yours truly has fallen by his weapon.

lørdag den 7. august 2010

Fortress God

.This God Fortress, or compound creature is angry. You go to center of heart chamber then turn right at ask for meat at the gem eyes of agony. They will answer "We will refuse" then they open up, and you are able to go through the transport tubes to the bottom of the construction. Be careful since the whole thing most likely is moving violently around while you are inside it. There was a slight possiblity of putting it our with the ballista massive sleep darts at the border of Region 1 and Region 4, but the enormous momentum this Compound Fortress is traveling by is awe inspirering. Watch out!
Going out into the arm towers is the most sickening thing you can do with this one. Why? Because while moving towards it's target it swings its arms with stupidity, and does action packed poses for the enemy to see and fear.
I started drawing really slowly. I don't want to draw really fast any longer, except if I did a commission - if I do a commission really fast I get a really good hourly salery! Which I want.

Should never have made this

I should never ever have made this. It makes me angry and it's so late now that I want to go to bed - which means that I'll go to bed while i'm on a horribly stupid pony on the way to the downers of downstown.
There is still more space to fill to the right of the image - which is right here where your eyes are ... right now! The guy on the picture has the rainbow hair on his side, and the flipSword is also in his possession. For the floating cat eyes there is nothing to do. But many others are already brewing up schemes to take out RainbowHair.
Rainbow hair has been wanted by villains in more than a thousand seconds. Usually the heros of this world get ripped to schreds by the Collective ImBalance Tuning Guild of 5 Colors also know as tCITGoFIVEC - which is pronounced Chit-Co-Fivek. Which is pretty lame for us yes, but in this world it's so fresh.

and by the way

behind the planets on the picture below is the waves of reality swirling up all sorts of rediculous crap. Watch out all thou 6 billion people (now yes - but actually when this event takes place there is 19 billion people on the globe. ) 19 billion? Yes that is so many human beings that they start turning invisible and actually have been for more than 60 years.

Untitled Piece of art called "Celestrial Purgetory"

Religious rumors (you know what that is) say that when all planets is devastated and come together for a final greeting, they weep as the celestrial Purgetory is released by the hands and feet of the Macrocosmos ReCreator Ape Figure which has been burried within the eggshell of the center of the earth. Obama, the president of the united states of earth of solar system of galaxy of universe started using the words: OMG EPIC , in all speeches after the wake of the planets and life as we know it.
As you see my drawing skills has encreased severely. Why you might ask. Well i went to the fraking drawing school i mentioned back in the Band Poster entry. The school where that little twat went and made him really good at drawing people.

Untitled piece of shit.

Brach Jalwson invented all shit. Especially pay attention to the running Worm Fighter Plane, inspired by the Dune Tube monster. You wont regret inventing this, when all other things have been invented. Go google stuff on bing!
Please note that the unicorn is actually trying to reach the Worm Fighter plane ... running Worm fighter Plane with its tungue. Success for the unicorn. Relentless embarresment for the Running WORM fightheheh PLA.

fredag den 17. april 2009

Give Sword and Bacon

cannot grasp how much swords and bacon comply.

Failure is seenable

I read alot about complimentary colors. Both yesterday, and this morning. I think i'm getting the hang of it now.
I got a friend who's girlfriend has a band. And they were looking for someone who could illustrate a poster for a concert they are having at the mall, 16. may i think it was. So I thought that I would use my new skills with the colors and I made this artwork for them. The fuCKING bastarts thought IT was toO f childish!2 I mean Wtdf! They dont know what the helll they are talkign about. I just read alot of stuff and surely one can see that I know what the hell I am doing.
Well so they dddidnt like the artwork, and they said they'd just go and find someone else to do it- Apparently one of the drummers in the band has a sibling who is really good at drawing people. He learned at a drawing school. I DONT' Care about that man! Why were they telling me?? so I'll just post this here. I tried and compress the hell out of it as mentioned before, but JPG can't really compress the hell out of a JPeg which is Already compressed... the hell out of.
Here it is. I'm so pissed. I just know that I'll get another gig sooner or later. It's just depressing when people dont appreciate one's skill.
Click on the picture and see how far Jpeg compression goes.

Compress Act

I am soooo much gonna compress the crap out of the next paintjob. Soooo much.

søndag den 12. april 2009

Please step one property away

So me and my girlfriend rented a flat a couple of months back. We really feld home and began to relax a lot, which we ofcourse haven''t had the chance to in many years. Some day some efd up dude suddently runs around the front lawn (the one adjacent to the building) with a fake shotgun, a so called bee bee gun (or somin), shouting about the house Not being his! I'm like: w .... t .....f ..... So we contacts some lawyers after having reviewed the contracts, and it turns out its not our house either, vus we just rented the flat. I shew him the contract, and he realized that its not his, nor our building, but he still comes to the front lawn once a month.
What the hell am I supposed to do now. The fake shotgun dude is still stalking us.

Mad Professor Boxer Dr. Bruiser

His gloves are poisonous! Watch those lefties!
On another note, I have no clue why A, my blog landlord, hasn't closed this blog yet - he is angry pissed on me for no reason at all. He can't accept other poeple happyness.