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lørdag den 7. august 2010

Untitled Piece of art called "Celestrial Purgetory"

Religious rumors (you know what that is) say that when all planets is devastated and come together for a final greeting, they weep as the celestrial Purgetory is released by the hands and feet of the Macrocosmos ReCreator Ape Figure which has been burried within the eggshell of the center of the earth. Obama, the president of the united states of earth of solar system of galaxy of universe started using the words: OMG EPIC , in all speeches after the wake of the planets and life as we know it.
As you see my drawing skills has encreased severely. Why you might ask. Well i went to the fraking drawing school i mentioned back in the Band Poster entry. The school where that little twat went and made him really good at drawing people.

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