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lørdag den 7. august 2010

Fortress God

.This God Fortress, or compound creature is angry. You go to center of heart chamber then turn right at ask for meat at the gem eyes of agony. They will answer "We will refuse" then they open up, and you are able to go through the transport tubes to the bottom of the construction. Be careful since the whole thing most likely is moving violently around while you are inside it. There was a slight possiblity of putting it our with the ballista massive sleep darts at the border of Region 1 and Region 4, but the enormous momentum this Compound Fortress is traveling by is awe inspirering. Watch out!
Going out into the arm towers is the most sickening thing you can do with this one. Why? Because while moving towards it's target it swings its arms with stupidity, and does action packed poses for the enemy to see and fear.
I started drawing really slowly. I don't want to draw really fast any longer, except if I did a commission - if I do a commission really fast I get a really good hourly salery! Which I want.

Should never have made this

I should never ever have made this. It makes me angry and it's so late now that I want to go to bed - which means that I'll go to bed while i'm on a horribly stupid pony on the way to the downers of downstown.
There is still more space to fill to the right of the image - which is right here where your eyes are ... right now! The guy on the picture has the rainbow hair on his side, and the flipSword is also in his possession. For the floating cat eyes there is nothing to do. But many others are already brewing up schemes to take out RainbowHair.
Rainbow hair has been wanted by villains in more than a thousand seconds. Usually the heros of this world get ripped to schreds by the Collective ImBalance Tuning Guild of 5 Colors also know as tCITGoFIVEC - which is pronounced Chit-Co-Fivek. Which is pretty lame for us yes, but in this world it's so fresh.

and by the way

behind the planets on the picture below is the waves of reality swirling up all sorts of rediculous crap. Watch out all thou 6 billion people (now yes - but actually when this event takes place there is 19 billion people on the globe. ) 19 billion? Yes that is so many human beings that they start turning invisible and actually have been for more than 60 years.

Untitled Piece of art called "Celestrial Purgetory"

Religious rumors (you know what that is) say that when all planets is devastated and come together for a final greeting, they weep as the celestrial Purgetory is released by the hands and feet of the Macrocosmos ReCreator Ape Figure which has been burried within the eggshell of the center of the earth. Obama, the president of the united states of earth of solar system of galaxy of universe started using the words: OMG EPIC , in all speeches after the wake of the planets and life as we know it.
As you see my drawing skills has encreased severely. Why you might ask. Well i went to the fraking drawing school i mentioned back in the Band Poster entry. The school where that little twat went and made him really good at drawing people.

Untitled piece of shit.

Brach Jalwson invented all shit. Especially pay attention to the running Worm Fighter Plane, inspired by the Dune Tube monster. You wont regret inventing this, when all other things have been invented. Go google stuff on bing!
Please note that the unicorn is actually trying to reach the Worm Fighter plane ... running Worm fighter Plane with its tungue. Success for the unicorn. Relentless embarresment for the Running WORM fightheheh PLA.