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lørdag den 7. august 2010

Should never have made this

I should never ever have made this. It makes me angry and it's so late now that I want to go to bed - which means that I'll go to bed while i'm on a horribly stupid pony on the way to the downers of downstown.
There is still more space to fill to the right of the image - which is right here where your eyes are ... right now! The guy on the picture has the rainbow hair on his side, and the flipSword is also in his possession. For the floating cat eyes there is nothing to do. But many others are already brewing up schemes to take out RainbowHair.
Rainbow hair has been wanted by villains in more than a thousand seconds. Usually the heros of this world get ripped to schreds by the Collective ImBalance Tuning Guild of 5 Colors also know as tCITGoFIVEC - which is pronounced Chit-Co-Fivek. Which is pretty lame for us yes, but in this world it's so fresh.

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