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lørdag den 7. august 2010

Fortress God

.This God Fortress, or compound creature is angry. You go to center of heart chamber then turn right at ask for meat at the gem eyes of agony. They will answer "We will refuse" then they open up, and you are able to go through the transport tubes to the bottom of the construction. Be careful since the whole thing most likely is moving violently around while you are inside it. There was a slight possiblity of putting it our with the ballista massive sleep darts at the border of Region 1 and Region 4, but the enormous momentum this Compound Fortress is traveling by is awe inspirering. Watch out!
Going out into the arm towers is the most sickening thing you can do with this one. Why? Because while moving towards it's target it swings its arms with stupidity, and does action packed poses for the enemy to see and fear.
I started drawing really slowly. I don't want to draw really fast any longer, except if I did a commission - if I do a commission really fast I get a really good hourly salery! Which I want.

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