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fredag den 17. april 2009

Give Sword and Bacon

cannot grasp how much swords and bacon comply.

Failure is seenable

I read alot about complimentary colors. Both yesterday, and this morning. I think i'm getting the hang of it now.
I got a friend who's girlfriend has a band. And they were looking for someone who could illustrate a poster for a concert they are having at the mall, 16. may i think it was. So I thought that I would use my new skills with the colors and I made this artwork for them. The fuCKING bastarts thought IT was toO f childish!2 I mean Wtdf! They dont know what the helll they are talkign about. I just read alot of stuff and surely one can see that I know what the hell I am doing.
Well so they dddidnt like the artwork, and they said they'd just go and find someone else to do it- Apparently one of the drummers in the band has a sibling who is really good at drawing people. He learned at a drawing school. I DONT' Care about that man! Why were they telling me?? so I'll just post this here. I tried and compress the hell out of it as mentioned before, but JPG can't really compress the hell out of a JPeg which is Already compressed... the hell out of.
Here it is. I'm so pissed. I just know that I'll get another gig sooner or later. It's just depressing when people dont appreciate one's skill.
Click on the picture and see how far Jpeg compression goes.

Compress Act

I am soooo much gonna compress the crap out of the next paintjob. Soooo much.

søndag den 12. april 2009

Please step one property away

So me and my girlfriend rented a flat a couple of months back. We really feld home and began to relax a lot, which we ofcourse haven''t had the chance to in many years. Some day some efd up dude suddently runs around the front lawn (the one adjacent to the building) with a fake shotgun, a so called bee bee gun (or somin), shouting about the house Not being his! I'm like: w .... t .....f ..... So we contacts some lawyers after having reviewed the contracts, and it turns out its not our house either, vus we just rented the flat. I shew him the contract, and he realized that its not his, nor our building, but he still comes to the front lawn once a month.
What the hell am I supposed to do now. The fake shotgun dude is still stalking us.

Mad Professor Boxer Dr. Bruiser

His gloves are poisonous! Watch those lefties!
On another note, I have no clue why A, my blog landlord, hasn't closed this blog yet - he is angry pissed on me for no reason at all. He can't accept other poeple happyness.

Testies of a vegan Jesus

Church will rise to the test of test-E's tests.

onsdag den 8. april 2009

Search For Politeness

HAHAHA Andreas (my blog landlord) is a winy bitch. I got his password for blogger, so now there is no stopping me. And I'll stay anomonous!
No questions asked. This might be the one with the most straight lines- Can?

Final Post Ever!

Andreas (my blog landlord you could say) doesn't want to post my shit anymore. So:
This will be the final post ever. Therefor I will bid you all farewell. I have taken a seriously final destination. And there will be nothing more. End
And just to recap. Into buttom with all.
(Red.) You should have listened to what I told you my friend.
Told me WHAT exact? Just be happy for me!
Happy for you? Man what you did we can't discuss!
Them F you Andreas. Jsut leave
you know this blog is on my profile
please just leave it
Emanuel! I WON'T

More Sharks - This Time Around 4

Proffessor Phroppessor Professor SHARKKKK!!!!!
Thats a freaking awesome name!!!

Inspired by Ballos. Huzzahhhh! ... well not "huzzah" - but still. Huzzaahhahhahah

Black and White Man

Mab Mab Mab. Serious serious bla bla bla! FUCK

Fairy Land Will Turn

Once it was believed to be Amsterdam. But man evolved and it turned out to become man-kind. Go To 5