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onsdag den 18. februar 2009

Art CrossOver

I saw this on my friends (andreas ng) website, and wanted to post it here.. Actually it fits on as much as it fits here on hOLY f bLOG. The gun has no hole in it, cus its a love gun. A gun which fires love out the end. HF!
I guess
(Red.) Thanks Ema, maybe there's some good inside you after all. /A

Robot Mecha Jeezuz

He says he has eatable legs, and that he would like to share them with people who have more than enough money to pay the ticket. The woman is undoubtetly in limbo... Some kind of limbo at the very least.

The In Stuff

Right now it must be these!

New dawn of years

Hi, so first post after the new year. A wonderful year of apocalyptism hopefully.This is LHC who says hi! LHC is the Large Hadron Collider, which in mainstream theory has the potential to create a black hole, and suck everything into it. However, I am pretty sure that LHC is capable of producing the same amount of energy as a blackhole consists of, but for a very brief periode of time. Not a blackhole, but the same amount of energy at one spot. But we'll see. If I know myself well enough, I'll be crossing my fingers for a planet meltdown. Then finally "something" happens! ... well on with our lives we must.
Go zombie apocalypse... or alien invasion. I guess LHC planet destruction is the third best thing.