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søndag den 21. december 2008

Fast and short animation

This is a fast animation done in flash. During creation, display quality was set to "fast" so no AntiAliasing would occur. Then I rendered it out from flash as an image sequence and put together in my old Image Ready. I like lightning bolts. They are very interesting to animate because you need a start and then a lightning strike, which you can hide and show a couple of times. Looks very old school in a Street Fighter kind of way.
This is also to figure out how blogspot handles gif animations.
Quote: "Well not really. Just copied the text from another page somewhere. The animation is mine though. ^_^"
Edit:Hmm ok. Gif's apparently have to be "linked" from another site. - Since Anderas is handiling my blogposts (i send my shit to him via mail, cus i want to stay anomonous) he put the animation on his pew pew art fancy pants site. Danish Idiot.
(Red.) FUCK YOU Ema - next time I'll censur your crap!

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