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lørdag den 20. december 2008

Animation looking like MS Paint

In animation it is pretty easy to make stuff look all jacked up, messy and naïve in a way.

By using flash, you can decide in which quality you movie should be displayed. There is 3 different types. Low - Mid - High. Mid and High is somewhat the same. The High setting uses a couple of more Anti Aliasing passes, to smooth the edges. Mid looks almost identical, but if you bang your head against the monitor the difference will reveal itself.
However the Low quality setting takes away all Anti Aliasing, and leaves the picture in a messy and shaky state. This look will stay through rendering, so you'll end up with a very pixelated and disturbing picture. However if no post production is needed, and the movie isn't too "heavy" on the CPU, you might as well just save it out as a flash movie, and maybe even go as far as to ban the audience from changing the quality.

Ofcourse it's always nice to waste hours animating it all in MS Paint.

Or even worse - go with ImageReady. Experience the utterly uselessness of Adobes GIF animating software.

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