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lørdag den 20. december 2008

And here we go

Greetings interested human pupil!
This blog is brand new and fresh and will contain messed up MS Paint pictures, and stuff in that alley.

Why MS Paint?

MS paint is an underestimated piece of software. I comes with some features that seems hard to get by in waesome big apps like PhotoShop and Painter.

the following features are at your fingertips in MS paint:

MangaStyle Shading (where only black and white exists, and therefor gradiants has to be done with small dots of black)

No AntiAliasing - yeah that sounds like "some" feature. Well it is actually. If you are a person like me you'll understand.

Its fast! You want to do something fast? Then use MS Paint. PhotoShop will let you emerge into your "piece of art". MS Paint can that, but it hell as don't want you to.

It has limits. Well this is a little like the same as above. Limits is a very very good thing. Limits prevents you from making games like Crysis, or films like SpiderMan or IronMan. And instead you end up creating stuff like MindGame (the studio 4degrees feature), World of Goo or Killer7.


All this Babble is about creating totally messed up stuff. It might not be messed up in the beginning, but end up being it. Or it might start off as super pumbed crazy shit, and end up being totally conservative and Al Gore.

We'll see.

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