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lørdag den 27. november 2010

drinks out - she in!

so the drinks crap went to the zink. Pretty stupd since i think it became quiet cool. So what ever. Apparently I mistook their logo.

so girlin' yall
there she went.

lørdag den 13. november 2010

sUPPORT pollution!

It's nice to know that my children "to-be" and especially my children's children won't ever experence the world as it is now. The coughing, the constant itching in their eyes, the blood coming from their lungs and layer of sode on their skin will keep them from ever reaching the same lvl of happyness and content as we do now. They will think back and listen to the stories told to them about how we lived our lives, and they'll thank us and our leaders for making their world the way it is.

You should:
  1. Take everything for granted
  2. Use more resources than you already do
  3. Believe that everything is wonderful
  4. Consume more
  5. Eat more food
  6. Dont think about consequences
  7. Ever
If your succeed to do so rest assured that you as well as your generation will "end on a high note".

  • What you do now, and what everyone does, is the right thing to do!

Your children and grandchildren will be forever grateful?

tirsdag den 2. november 2010

Happy Mouth at the busstop

Still waiting for the reply. They are awful silent i think. SO I've made this. I found gradiants in photoshop, they are awesome for me to use. I can make stuff darker in the edges and effects like that. Check what i've done to this one.
It came from this:
What it is is "happy mouth". It is created from an ecologecal desaster coursed by stray gods trying to fiddle with the many man-made structures they find on the face of Earth. This is really bad stuff while the animals finally have found their way and have established a balanced system for them to live in without being too affected by the old machines, contraptions, structures, buildings, establishements.
"hAPPY mouth" is the one to bring back humanity from the void of oblivion. The darks grasps of insignificance can be traversed with the help from such a devine creature.
Good luck.