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torsdag den 14. oktober 2010

The Pineapple Warrior

The pineapple warrior rides his super gun in the air. He's doing cool drops from critically acclaimed ledges like off the "iron" in NY. Hunting down possible targets vigoriously, eliminating them and then afterwards checking if the kill was ligitimate. He has no regrets what so ever - even though men, woman, children, animals, pets, popes, doctors, police officers, pets, firefighters, district attornies, lawyers, hencemen, cowboys, prostitutes, superstars, fruit, machines, technicians, directors, producers, public figures, presidents, religious idols, artists, pediatricians, vets, medics, soldiers, patriots, other pineapple warriors, waldo, nameless people, shameless people, awesome people, john dos, characters, religions, philosophies, philosophers, photographers, pickles, chips, more actors, car designers, polluters, gamedesigners, gods, demi-gods, dieties, democracies, idiots, generations, buildings, corporations, organs, textiles, moons, planets, cars, computers, roads, electronics, mainframes, windmills, glass manufacturers, art, modern art, gangsters, gangbangers, pathetic extremists, moderate extremists, constructive extremists, assholes, treehuggers, factories and yours truly has fallen by his weapon.

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