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søndag den 21. december 2008

Wonders of Gif Converts!

One is not slow to realize the fatal saving function in MS Paint. It litterally destroys the appearence of the piece of art you want to show.
MS Paint has no qwerks when it comes to saving 24 bit Bitmaps, however the Jpegs and the Gifs becomes muddy and uncrisp, because of the silly compression "engine" the app is running. (just take a look at the last couple of entries on this blog. See the uncrispness?)
PhotoShop lets you save your file both as Jpeg and Gif without any estethic loss what so ever. Using the word estethic in the stead of quality is because sometimes you want a picture to "loose" quality to gain estethics. Examples of this could be "The BlairWitch Project" or "CloverField" - where grain and "bad video compression" is used to gain am unique style.

The same goes here.
This picture has been saved with a 5 color compression. Which basically restricts the amount of colors used in the picture to 5.

And one where only 4 colors is allowed.

The compressioning of pictures not only decreases the filesize drastically, it allows us to make them more awesome to look at. It gives the art some estethics, that is not normally present.

In the two pictures above you'll notice the gradiants have been turned into dotted gradiants. There is three different types of handling gradiants in PhotShop. Pattern, Diffuse and Noise. They are all amazing. I prefer pattern because it gives the art a sort of controlled look. But you've got to choose as you go, and look at what suits your art the best.

Here the original picture with perfect color representation. Saved as a Gif from PhotoShop.

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