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tirsdag den 23. december 2008


It is christmas. And everyone should feel happyness and comfort in these couple of days. Afterwards we can all go back to our individual misery.
The elf has gotten a special electrification weapon in his pants. The giant robot and the snake monster seems interested, but God don't care.


Just one for the kids here.
Pay close attention to what is being said. Very important stuff.

søndag den 21. december 2008

Fast and short animation

This is a fast animation done in flash. During creation, display quality was set to "fast" so no AntiAliasing would occur. Then I rendered it out from flash as an image sequence and put together in my old Image Ready. I like lightning bolts. They are very interesting to animate because you need a start and then a lightning strike, which you can hide and show a couple of times. Looks very old school in a Street Fighter kind of way.
This is also to figure out how blogspot handles gif animations.
Quote: "Well not really. Just copied the text from another page somewhere. The animation is mine though. ^_^"
Edit:Hmm ok. Gif's apparently have to be "linked" from another site. - Since Anderas is handiling my blogposts (i send my shit to him via mail, cus i want to stay anomonous) he put the animation on his pew pew art fancy pants site. Danish Idiot.
(Red.) FUCK YOU Ema - next time I'll censur your crap!

Arm between eyes

These two personas fight.


A serious pOST

This is for testing if it's easy to make B/W gradianted drawings without edge lines to determin where a shape starts and ends.
Turns out that if you choose white (or the color you want to replace with another) as your primary color (the color that is on top of the other color in your "Toolbox") and the color you want to draw with as your secondary color (right mouse click on the color you want as your secondary color) - you will be able to replace the primary color in your picture with your secondary color, by right-click-drawing with your Eraser.

1 Unconsistency in MS Paint B/W colors

There is something wrong in the B/W colors of MS Paint. It places a much darker color in the wrong place. And the one beneath it seems a bit too dark as well, considered its spot in the color box.

Well no biggie. Just wondered what the hell was going on. | _ |

MS Paint's awesome B/W gradiants

Here is an example of what MS Paint is capable of with the black and white coloring system. To find this, press ctrl+e and change the colors to black and white.

Pinapple Soldier

He is in grave trouble. Prevent!

Wonders of Gif Converts!

One is not slow to realize the fatal saving function in MS Paint. It litterally destroys the appearence of the piece of art you want to show.
MS Paint has no qwerks when it comes to saving 24 bit Bitmaps, however the Jpegs and the Gifs becomes muddy and uncrisp, because of the silly compression "engine" the app is running. (just take a look at the last couple of entries on this blog. See the uncrispness?)
PhotoShop lets you save your file both as Jpeg and Gif without any estethic loss what so ever. Using the word estethic in the stead of quality is because sometimes you want a picture to "loose" quality to gain estethics. Examples of this could be "The BlairWitch Project" or "CloverField" - where grain and "bad video compression" is used to gain am unique style.

The same goes here.
This picture has been saved with a 5 color compression. Which basically restricts the amount of colors used in the picture to 5.

And one where only 4 colors is allowed.

The compressioning of pictures not only decreases the filesize drastically, it allows us to make them more awesome to look at. It gives the art some estethics, that is not normally present.

In the two pictures above you'll notice the gradiants have been turned into dotted gradiants. There is three different types of handling gradiants in PhotShop. Pattern, Diffuse and Noise. They are all amazing. I prefer pattern because it gives the art a sort of controlled look. But you've got to choose as you go, and look at what suits your art the best.

Here the original picture with perfect color representation. Saved as a Gif from PhotoShop.

lørdag den 20. december 2008

Stir mock

This shark will grap people with arms in great number.

Danger from above!

The monster hanging over some countries should be going to other places. Achieve failness!

Animation looking like MS Paint

In animation it is pretty easy to make stuff look all jacked up, messy and naïve in a way.

By using flash, you can decide in which quality you movie should be displayed. There is 3 different types. Low - Mid - High. Mid and High is somewhat the same. The High setting uses a couple of more Anti Aliasing passes, to smooth the edges. Mid looks almost identical, but if you bang your head against the monitor the difference will reveal itself.
However the Low quality setting takes away all Anti Aliasing, and leaves the picture in a messy and shaky state. This look will stay through rendering, so you'll end up with a very pixelated and disturbing picture. However if no post production is needed, and the movie isn't too "heavy" on the CPU, you might as well just save it out as a flash movie, and maybe even go as far as to ban the audience from changing the quality.

Ofcourse it's always nice to waste hours animating it all in MS Paint.

Or even worse - go with ImageReady. Experience the utterly uselessness of Adobes GIF animating software.

Wasp Is What Is Seen

This octopus wasp will swirl you into dizzyhood.
In the picture the Octopus Wasp is currently being attacked by the United States of America.

Castle Crisis

Underneath the Borg Animal is conveyer belts to help it move over towns. In spurs lightning from its sore eyes.

And here we go

Greetings interested human pupil!
This blog is brand new and fresh and will contain messed up MS Paint pictures, and stuff in that alley.

Why MS Paint?

MS paint is an underestimated piece of software. I comes with some features that seems hard to get by in waesome big apps like PhotoShop and Painter.

the following features are at your fingertips in MS paint:

MangaStyle Shading (where only black and white exists, and therefor gradiants has to be done with small dots of black)

No AntiAliasing - yeah that sounds like "some" feature. Well it is actually. If you are a person like me you'll understand.

Its fast! You want to do something fast? Then use MS Paint. PhotoShop will let you emerge into your "piece of art". MS Paint can that, but it hell as don't want you to.

It has limits. Well this is a little like the same as above. Limits is a very very good thing. Limits prevents you from making games like Crysis, or films like SpiderMan or IronMan. And instead you end up creating stuff like MindGame (the studio 4degrees feature), World of Goo or Killer7.


All this Babble is about creating totally messed up stuff. It might not be messed up in the beginning, but end up being it. Or it might start off as super pumbed crazy shit, and end up being totally conservative and Al Gore.

We'll see.